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The Gibson family 

Bob & Martha Gibson  have deep roots in the community raising cattle and other crops.They have  been raising quality cattle since 2000 and professionally raising grass fed cattle since 2012., the beef are locally bred and raised, nestled on 100 acres the rural town of Scotts, MI. In January of 2014 the Gibson’s purchased Pease Packing

Pease packing is a USDA inspected processing plant which offers a full line of Grain Fed Beef, Grass Fed Beef, Pork & Poultry. Pease Packing Corp. has a knowledgeable staff, serving the area for 75 years. Their goal is to offer a local “start to finish”products by raising, humanely slaughtering and professionally processing Quality cattle for local businesses without out sourcing. They maintain a Business philosophy dedicated to customer satisfaction 

Pease Packing

8713 38th st 

Scotts, MI, 49088

Phone: 269-626-8891

Em. Peasepacking@att.net


“Buy Local. Eat Local.

Invest in your Community.”