“Buy Local. Eat Local.

Invest in your Community.”

The Animals Are Cared for from our farm to your table

   Friendly Family atmosphere

Convenience of a grocery store with the impeccable quality of home grown

   professional cuts from Beautifully Marbled Angus Cross Beef

   Pasture Raised and Grain Finished beef for consistent marbling and size

  Grass Fed angus cross

Professionally cut and packaged for convenience

Hickory smokehouse

Pasture raised beef is great Source of Omega 3

Contains No Hormones

And No Antibiotics


Pease Packing

8713 38th st 

Scotts, MI, 49088

Phone: 269-626-8891


Grass fed Beef or

Pasture raised grain finished beef

  • Restaurant quality steaks
  • Tender Roasts
  • Lean Ground Beef

Locally Raised Pork

  • Traditional chops and steaks
  • Old Fashioned Hickory Smoked meats
  • Tender Hams
  • House Made Bacon including Callie bacon (cottage bacon)
  • 20 Flavors of Brats
  • Nitrate Free Options available
Pasture Raised Chicken
  • Multiple cuts
  • Assorted marinates 

Cost Effective Bundles and boxes
Grill Master box
Nitrate Free, Locally Raised Bundle
Couples Variety Box
Sunday Dinner Box
Country Breakfast Bundle
Grass Fed Hind 1/4
Grain finished Hing 1/4
Assorted pork Box

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