Benefits to your Restaurant

   Endorsing Locally Grown Beef, Pork, and Chicken. 

   Promoting your product comes from Stress Free humane farming practices to your guests

   Beautifully Marbled Angus Cross Beef

Pasture Raised and Grain Finished for consistent marbling and size

   Also offering Grass Fed beef

Personalized cuts to fit your Menu design

   Professional butchers meticulously hand trim to your specifications.

   Whole animal programs that will build Cost savings, creativity and innovation into your menu. 

   Knowledgeable staff available to help you optimize the whole animal

Restaurant Services

Beef carcasses are quickly cooled and dry age for 10-14 days for tenderness

USDA inspectors on staff Start to finish. 

We undergo rigorous testing on our products, systems and equipment

   We take great pride that products are safe, absolutely fresh and processed correctly.

   the animals are Healthy, handled humanely and efficiently

   State of the art cryovac machine and flash freezers preserve the meat at the peak aging and tenderness

   Delivered to your restaurant in our haccp certified Cooler Truck

   Regional hub for USDA inspectors.